Friday, February 15, 2008

Wet Stone Wine?

So I've been stuck at my computer a lot the end of this week as I hunkered down to write a big Sunday story on LaBarre. By this afternoon, I needed some air. So I headed down to the White Lily Teas for the $1 per minute chair massage. (They're now doing tea tastings once a month, go to their website for details). After the nice girl beat the crap out of my tight shoulders, I headed over to On the Vine for their Friday afternoon wine tasting. Hooray! This was a bad plan in the sense that I've had so way enough of the South Park diet, but unable to break the diet, I have been surviving today on a diet of pistachios, fat free sugar free fudge pops and coffee. So yes a sip of wine went right to my head. Perhaps that's why I found it so funny when the extremely young wine rep (who seemed to know like the entire history of all things wine) told me to imagine the Urban Reisling I was drinking should have a hint of wet stone. You know, she told me, how a stone might smell after a rainstorm? I have to say, that's a first, wet stone wine. But hey, it was good. Unfortunately not on the South Park Diet--those reislings have too much sugar!

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