Thursday, February 7, 2008

Something to Perk up Those Sad Pats Fans

It's like the elephant in the corner this week--the Patriots. I didn't dare mention the game to Kenny Monday. Or for the rest of the week. Wide berth is the motto this week. I'm not a sports person, I more prefer making the food and chatting during the games. But I guess I can appreciate the feelings of those fans around.

So, here's your chance to immerse yourself in New England sports. The chamber's new Ultimate Sports Raffle. For $10 a ticket you get a chance for quite a deal including two premium tickets to the following:

Red Sox (2008 Season) Plus
Patriots (2008 Season) Plus
Celtics (2008-2009 Season) Plus
Bruins (2008-2009 Season) Plus
4 UNH Mens Hockey Tickets (2008-2009 Season) Plus…
The winner will also receive FREE round trip limo service to 2 games of their choice Plus 2 round trip tickets on the DownEaster to North Station.

Oh yeah, this shows my sports knowledge. So some Patriots guy is the honorary chairman of the vent, Garin Veris. Shows what I know. Kenny perked right up when I mentioned his name.

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