Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Enough Already

This is a glacier somewhere in Alaska and it's how I'm starting to feel about this winter. Snow, ice, snow, ice, sleet. Like that movie Ground Hog Day. I've stopped watching the weather and so it completely took me by surprise when Kenny was making storm preparations yesterday afternoon.
I bought some body mist spray this week that smells like coconut with the positive mind power plan that I could close my eyes and imagine I was somewhere else.
I think I need something a bit stronger.
In another Ground Hog Day like story, the ZBA approved a modified version of the Fort Rock Farm/ St. Michael's Church plan at midnight last night. Now I'm not picking sides, but here's my prediction on this one. So since the opposition didn't have a chance to comment on the last minute changes, they'll appeal to court. Court will remand back to ZBA for another hearing where they can comment. We'll be right back where we started.
Hopefully by then, the ice and snow will be gone!

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