Thursday, February 28, 2008

NHPR is Back-- Very Cool

So NHPR is back with a very cool Town meeting project. Here's the info from their Executive Editor Jon Greenberg:
Exeter Friends –
I hope you will give a gander at our hottest contribution to the web – our interactive Town Meeting Map. If you didn’t have time to get to the earlier meetings in Exeter and you want a snap shot of some of the more scintillating warrant articles, this feature is a dream come true. Your very own Russ Dean added Exeter’s information to the site and now you can see what’s up and …
In keeping with the principle that an email without an exhortation to post is an email not worth sending, I invite you to help break the ice on the Exeter-specific discussion page -- even if you just want to write that you like everything on the warrant and welcome the chance to pay property taxes. FYI, you will need to register on the NHPR web site to post a comment if you’ve never done so before. It is a process that asks much less than the PPO sign-up. Sorry if this takes you an extra 30 seconds but we haven’t figured out how to merge the two data bases.
Should you be inspired to send one of these links to your Exeter friends, that would be nifty.
By the way, the Town Meeting project is statewide. Every town has been invited to participate and every town gets its own discussion page. About 80 towns have signed up already and more are coming in every day.
Interactively yours,
Jon Greenberg, Executive Editor

And here's the link to the Exeter page: Click here

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