Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Passport to Fun? I Don't Think So

So I noticed a charge that I didn't recognize on my latest debit/credit card bill. $14.95 for Passport to Fun. Now I know I would remember buying something that was, as the name says, a Passport to Fun. Their web site says they can't wait to tell me how much fun I'm going to have getting discounts on vacations. Too bad I have no member ID or password or any recollection of getting these great deals.
A quick Google search turned up a host of fraud warnings from people with similar unexplained charges. And the mystery was solved. I ordered some business cards and other promotional book material recently through Vista Print. Now, the cards were a nice quality, cheap and here quickly. The problem with ordering through this place is there are about 5,000 pop up ads/extra deals at the end of the site that you have to click on (sort of like the Whack a Mole game at the arcade) before you can check out. Apparently one of these was for Passport To Fun.
So tomorrow's fund job, call this place and get off their automatic billing list...


Bill's Blog said...

It took me forever to get them off my account and I did not even notice the extra money being taken until three months later (my mistake). I go to a different company now and will never go back to them again.

Bill's Blog said...

Wow that was fast.