Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Week 3 South Beach Diet...

Wayne wanted to know how the diet's going.. Well, it's here in part. Gone in part. Somehow I've lost 12 pounds. Don't know how? The snow this afternoon forced me to buy some more of that wet stone wine, good stuff, which is definitely not on the diet.
I tried. I really did. One day I was so sick of eggs, cheese sticks, salads and the rest of the stuff I was supposed to eat, I hit rock bottom. Determined not to eat something not on the diet, but naseous thinking about more eggs,etc., I ate fat free/sugar free fudge pops, pistachio nuts, sugar free jello cups and sugar free flavored water all day. And this is why my husband often calls me neurotic.
And then there was the little incident called going to Margarita's last weekend with my old roommate Missy. Can you say cheese, more cheese, and more cheese?? And margaritas, aka, sugar fest.
I've also been eating the 10 pound loaf of whole grain bread affectionally known as the "lead bread" which is so hard to digest it allegedly slows absorption of all fats. My jaw hurts for days after eating a piece of this stuff. I've convinced myself that if I eat a piece of this stuff I have clearance for at least 10 hours to eat whatever I want.
Wet stone wine and cheese dip sound good!

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