Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Book by Local Author

I've been down and out with the flu all week... so haven't been up for blogging. But I'm back and with news of a new book from local author James Buchanan called Selling Their Childhood.

From the web site on the book:

The stories collected in this book are compelling, real, sensual and experiential. They are narratives that draw the reader into the lives and experiences of people quietly, yet bravely facing the complexities of life as they seek the most simple of goals—happiness.There is the teenage boy sitting on the steps of a bus station in Omaha trying to see that there is a life for him beyond prostituting himself to the men who drive in from the suburbs.There is the woman losing herself in the deep blue of the landscape as she patiently and painfully waits as her husband and sister work to make a child as a last hope to build a family.And there is the new dad desperately trying to calm his child as he wrestles with the reality underlying his wife’s idealism.These as well as the other stories collected in this book explore the textures of life and are told in a manner that allows the reader to see and feel the worlds these characters inhabit.

James, 42, who used to work with me at the newspaper, lives in Exeter with his two children, Quincy and Violet, and their cat Jesse and leopard gecko Spotty. You may remember him from the first campaign of State Senator Maggie Hassan (He was the campaign manager).

Check out James' web site at for more info.

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