Monday, February 11, 2008

One Week Down...

So the South Park Diet book lies a little about your cravings for bread going away after two days.. BUT, one week and eight pounds down. So the deal about losing lots of weight in the first two weeks is true, albeit a carb lovers nightmare. I'll won't be sad if I never see another egg again. I am so sick of eggs for breakfast. They really need toast!

It doesn't help that Willie eats french toast sticks for breakfast. They smell soo good. They look even better. Sad since they come from a box, but when you are an addict coming down, well, any form of bread looks good. The Travel Channel had a special on last night about the best cheeseburgers across the country. It was almost too much to stand. Luckily this was followed by some show about men trying to live with tribal people eating bloody raw meat fresh from the beast, so I lost my appetite.

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