Sunday, February 3, 2008

Delays, Delays, Delays

I'm hearing the voice of that little martian dude from Bugs Bunny in my head today as I think about our return trip on Skybus. We were scheduled to leave at 8:12 a.m. from St. Augustine. In preparation for this, we got to the airport just at about 7 a.m. Checked our tractor trailer load of bags in, got everyone through the security check. And got a cup of coffee.
Delays, Delays, Delays, the little martian says in my head as I see some of the Skybus people walking around looking worried.
We got into our priority board line (an extra $10 per person if you want) and waited.
The Skybus lady (who was way nicer than the ones we encountered on the trip south, which I attribute to southern hospitality) told us there was a mechanical problem and our ETA was TBA.
The nice co-pilot then came out and made a similar annoucement. The mechanic was MIA. He had been called. He might still be asleep. No one knew.
We finally boarded, again via tarmack and ramp, and managed to get a good seat. We were off, about 45- 1 hour late, but not as bad as the 3 hour delay on the way down.
They sell everything on the plane, including soda, souvenier Skybus tee-shirts, toy monkeys and chocolates. Just when you always wondered where are you going to get a toy monkey. Now you know.
I decided to try some of their Skybus fare and got a breakfast sandwich. It came boiling hot in a little aluminum container with some home fries. It was actually not bad.
Back at Pease, we unloaded on the tarmack again, walked across and into the building. This was supposedly not the norm but something was wrong with the enclosed ramp.
The analysis?
I'd take it again if I was traveling alone or as a couple and could get the cheap fares. Carry on bags would be ideal. And you don't have to pay for parking.
With a toddler and Grammy and 5,000 bags, the best bet is still Southwest and checking your bags at the curb. As long as you're not dead set on buying a toy monkey on the plane.

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