Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Three Hour Tour

Here are some of our neighbors at the Silver Glen Springs and the approach up the channel. The water was only a foot or two deep at most places, but I'm sure the gators could still hide there to bite my toes off....

Last Thursday morning, we fueled up the SS Ibis, our house boat, and headed toward the Silver Glen Springs and Run. The marina told us it was a four hour trip. It was more like five, but well worth the trip. Though it was a bit scary while crossing Lake George to learn that we had to stay in a very specific area because of the military bombing range on the side of the lake. So you've got alligators on one side and bombs on the other--great! It was about at that point when I decided a cocktail might be in order in case we were lost at sea. I know, I know, it's a lake, but it was huge and seemed like we were on the ocean.

After making it all the way across the lake, we entered the narrow channel to the springs. We saw a woman with a bow and arrow poised on the water while steering her boat with her foot. Apparently the modern day spearing of fish. Kind of scary. I was hoping we didn't encounter her at night...

The water was crystal clear and that perfect shade of green/blue. We saw all sorts of fish, turtles, birds, but no gators. At the end, a half dozen boats were anchored up and there was a roped off swimming area. I was still not sold on swimming in an area where alligators hang out, but at least it was clear so you could see them coming. We saw no alligators that first day, but dozens of jumping fish. Apparently in some cases, these fish can be more dangerous, like this case last year. Think you might lose your limbs to a gator? Beware the jumping fish.

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