Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'll Be Home For Christmas (in my Saab)

My Uncle Wally is a man passionate about old Saabs. He fixes them, collects them, even made his own part for one that he was hawking on Ebay for a while. And then sometimes he tries to drive from Ohio to our house in one. This all depends on which of the three or four Saabs seems to have the best probability of making it to his destination.

The last email I had said he'd be leaving Ohio Saturday or maybe Sunday to arrive for Christmas. My mother claimed he might be here Sunday. And Grammy has just been going about shaking her head and saying "Those old Saabs, I hope he doesn't break down."

Surprise--he did. Somewhere in Pennsylvania. He'll be here Christmas Eve. This of course makes me wax nostalgic for my childhood in Vermont when he always arrived Christmas Eve, and of course in his Saab. One year we didn't have a Christmas tree until he arrived and went off in the wilds of Vermont to chop one down.

I must be channeling him these days. Today, less than two days from Christmas, I finally decorated our tree.

I take that back, I may have been brainwashed by the Christmas crab that resides here with me.

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Our Senior Moment said...

Glad I got to meet your Uncle.He seems a great person.