Friday, December 21, 2007

A Case of Mistaken Identity

For months now, my little grammy, age 90, has been receiving calls for a "David" on her new phone number in Exeter. The people looking for David are really looking for him, if you catch my drift. Despite Grammy saying she has never heard of David, they call back again. And again. And again. They leave messages saying David had better call them back right away or suffer the consequences. "We know you're there David," they say. They won't take "Nope we've never heard of David for an answer."

These frequent calls often lead Grammy to walk about sputtering when the phone rings "That's probably those people looking for David."

I know what you're thinking, like I was, that a David must have had her phone number previously. I surmised he must have left some unpaid bills.

They called again last night.

And this time, I got on the phone to explain that David didn't live here. I asked if they could give me David's last name. They did. It was Bridgeham. And so I did a reverse phone look up and low and behold, there's a David Bridgeham listed in Stratham with gram's phone number. I googled David. And, yep, you guessed it, he's in jail. To read the complete story about why he's in jail, click here.

I've no doubt these people looking for David think the sweet old lady is just a cover for David, who's hanging out in her apartment or something. I told Kenny to watch out because if he misbehaves, Grammy's going to call out her secret hidden tenant to lay the smack down on him.

I told Grammy we should change her answering machine so that it included the phone number to the county jail for the people looking for David.

"Oh, no, we couldn't do that, what would my friends think when they called and heard I had a criminal's phone number?"

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