Sunday, December 16, 2007

An Escape Plan

I went outside to put the horses out and couldn't find my winter boots. Instead, I pulled on a pair of Kenny's, size 10 wide hiking boots. I'm a size 8.... I closed my eyes to get across the driveway, thinking of happy thoughts, warm weather of a week ago. Snow is blowing. Coming up under my pants through a hole at the top of the boot.

Freezing cold. Freezing Cold. Freezing cold snowball in my, I mean Kenny's boot. Got in through a big hole in the side. Cold. Cold. Cold. I hope this old retired horse doesn't run away while I have a snowball in my foot. It's burning cold. Stinging cold. I hate winter....

Back inside;

"Hey Kenny, you've got a hole in your boot"

"I know"

"I got a snowball on my foot"

Should've checked it, he says.

And that's when I found the great winter escape--Skybus out of Pease. They are now offering flights to St. Augustine/Daytona area airport on the east coast of Florida and the Fort Meyers airport on the Gulf Coast side. Fort Meyers fares are a lot higher. Most likely because it's near Marco Island and Naples where everything is 3x more expensive. But there are deals to be found on St. Augustine side, from $45 one way! Most in January are $65 each way. Combine that with the fact that you don't have to pay to park and you can get away for a weekend cheaper than going to Boston. I spent a lot of time in St. Augustine growing up and it's a very historic and interesting place to visit. And it also happens to be the oldest city in the US.

And warmer!

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