Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hand Cut Fries, Big Food, Good Prices

So we tried out the new Steve's Diner today at lunch time. They've only been open about 5 days and the parking lot was packed. The inside was packed too. I'd say that this means we needed a place like this in town as the one other place like this is always so packed you can't get right in.

They've added new tiles, new hanging lights and some silver metal strip decor thing around the top of the walls. But other than that, it's the same.

I will say they need to turn up their heat, but that could just be me.

Here's the deal on the menu-- hand cut fries! Everything is home made and they have a huge dessert display with things like carrot cake, Boston cream cake, grapenut custard and the list goes on.

I had a cheeseburger. It was made by hand and huge. Pretty good, but I'd like a few more spices thrown in the mix. The handcut fries were awesome! Kenny had a steak and cheese sub, which was also huge. Willie had his standard grilled cheese and grammy had hash and eggs. She said the hash seemed to be homemade.

The menu's standard diner fare. Eggs, Omeletts, French Toast, club sandwiches, burgers (they did have a turkey burger) and spaghetti.

Here's the other cool thing---they're open for diner, which makes for a great family location to hit up. The one thing I would pass on that's on the dinner plate section--liver and onions. Ick.


Michael said...

Liver & Onions is the classic diner offering, without it, it's not a diner.I had lunch at the Loaf yesterday, they have two options, turn up the heat, or caulk the windows.

Mitchell said...

Wow! Liver and onions!! I love them. Do they have deep fried Tripe? All good Maine food :-)

My exact, exact, twin Wayne would never eat this stuff - What a mystery!


Jenn.Hogg said...

My husband and I had lunch at the new diner on Saturday. It was very busy but well worth it. I had a slice of the spinach pie and my husband had a gyro which came with rice and salad. For dessert we tried the baklava. Everything was delicious. The staff seemed very nice and the prices reasonable. We will go again some time for breakfast.