Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Party Games

Maybe it's the snow. Maybe it's the fact that I was inside all day. Maybe it's the season. Who knows. But tonight I found a fun game for the holiday parties. It might be more fun after the holiday eggnog.. Check out the top picks on the Comcast On Demand these days. There it is--holiday karaoke. Yes, you heard correctly. You don't need to visit Stacey Janes down on the beach or long for the days of that place on Epping Road. Right in your very own home, you can host your own Christmas karaoke party.

Kenny is oh so thrilled---NOT---that I found this little fun game. Just think of the fun we can have at the annual family Christmas Eve celebration, I told him.

Now I googled this and found that there is a whole subculture of people addicted to not only Christmas karaoke from Comcast, but regular karaoke as well. Check it out here

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