Thursday, December 27, 2007

Book Reviews Are Coming In

The first book reviews from local readers are coming in.

Here's one from Jen Cronin, an Exeter High Alum who bought it for her parents:

"My dad read your ENTIRE book Christmas morning. In fact he had to read the last three stories in the car on the way to my grandmother’s house because he couldn’t put the book down. My mother said it was a good thing she was driving because he nearly peed his pants reading the last two chapters. He loved the Nookie story. My mom said she nearly drove off the road because he was laughing so hard. I'm pretty sure that they have both read it now.

So glad I saw it at the Water Street Bookstore. I think my dad loved this gift more than the snow suit my mom got for him!"


Crisis Queen of Old said...

I another copy of your book for my sister for Christmas. My whole family remembers meeting you at the Library Restaurant many years ago. My brother in law says that my father analyzed your handwriting, when you were there. Do you remember? My kids all perused your book on Christmas day and chuckled. When I was at the Water Street Bookstore they only had a couple copies left!! Congratulations, again!

Lara Bricker said...

I remember the handwriting analysis. I also remember playing pool afterwards in the secret room downstairs at the restaurant. Thanks for supporting Willie's college fund:)

Our Senior Moment said...

Lara - Nice work! Very well organized. Extremely humorous. Sorry to hear they are sold-out at the Water Street Book Store. I hope "next" is a novel.

Wayne Patten