Friday, May 16, 2008

Today's Column--Rats

By Lara Bricker
May 09, 2008 6:00 AM
We have rats. They've set up shop in the barn with our three old lady horses. I had a suspicion that something was living in the barn because of the little holes in the corner of the horse stalls. I of course tried to tell myself it was nothing. You know, denial. Nice try.
And then one day while cleaning out one of the horse's water buckets, two dead rats came sailing out of the water. I jumped about three feet in the air, screamed as if I was being attacked, and ran back to look at them. There they were, two drowned brown rats. Apparently they weren't water rats, or muskrats, able to survive when they made the plunge into the indoor pool. They had forgotten to take their life jackets.
After this day, I saw rats everywhere — rats, rats, rats. I found myself tip-toeing into the barn, sneaking up on the rats, who squeaked and scurried off into one of the many tunnels they'd burrowed in the barn. And so, I filled in their little holes, thinking perhaps they'd get the hint that the Hotel De Horse was closed.
Fat chance.
The next day, the holes would be bigger. And so would the rats. They were like mutants they became so large. CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE COLUMN

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