Monday, May 19, 2008

A Sign of the Times

I don't know who does the signs at Arjay's but they are always the best, either short and funny. Or in this case, funny and topical.
Sorry Arjay's but my check is going to the boat...


Michael said...

Arjays is always a line item here at the end of every year so I too will spend ours on boat gas!

Lara Bricker said...

Stay tuned for details of one local boater who fights back against the gas prices by making his own biodiesel for his boat. Now that's dedication

Michael said...

I store my boat in a barn in Stratham. The barn owner had a bio diesel set up he built himself. He has sold the equipment. It seems there is a piston in engines that does not like any grit or left over french fries. I have also heard that people with waste fryer oil now want to be paid.So the numbers are changing in the bio diesel hobby. There are news reports too of people now resorting to stealing french fry oil from restaurants.If you drive a diesel tractor to work their pistons are of a different design so Mr Green jeans using bio diesel will be ok.
that bowl at KFC, the ad, would make me sick, plus they always showed a woman digging in which was silly.

Michael said...

Starbucks, I go there when there is no Dunkies nearby. Plus the menu board throws me too,"nope just a regular coffee please"
"But the bean sir , from which planet's coffee beans shall we make your brew?" I will be honest,I have to always ask my bride at sandwich places now "how do you pronounce ciabatta?" It's become one of my regular lines and is still working!.