Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Open For Business

I see they opened for business today at this place next to Walgreen's. Anyone been?

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Trix said...

Hi Lara, I really like your blog, I wish I had found it ages ago! I was looking forward this new restaurant opening up, mostly I think because I'd love a better bagel option in town. Me & Ollie's bagel format hasn't ever worked for me (maybe because the bagels are hidden away or that there are only 3 flavors) and my understanding is that bagels at the Peel are not from the Peel. I was really hoping for a Bagelry (in Durham) crossed with a NY Deli. So maybe my bad experience just now at Gondolfo's is more a result of my misaligned expectations than anything else. But I went in to buy a dozen bagels to try them out. They only offered your three standard flavors and no deal on a dozen. Fine then, I won't buy a dozen, I'll buy 6. The cash register was reading $12... for 6 bagels. So I revised my order again to only one bagel. For $2+. Outrageous, but I figured I should at least try it. It then took no word of a lie about 10 minutes to give me a cold bagel in a bag with nothing on it. I've just gotten home and opened it up and it isn't any better than something I'd pick up at the grocery store in the bread aisle! Ugh, my dream of a good bagel place in town remains still a dream.

So maybe Gondolfo's isn't meant to be a bagel place (despite the NY style). My only comment on the deli menu is that the 2 veggie options were pretty uninspiring.

That was my experience there, for whatever it might be worth.