Friday, May 30, 2008

Holy Grail Found in Epping

Epping is really changing with more businesses and restaurants coming to town all the time. The latest restaurant and pub in town--The Holy Grail--is already bustling with thirsty patrons. I ran into a friend that is waitressing at this place the other day and she says they are slammed with customers already. I took a spin through their parking lot this morning while on a trip to Lowe's in Epping and the outside still looks very much like a quiet little church. I hear the inside is really nice with a gigantic bar. I plan to make a trip soon. Check them out at
So I was planning to head over there tonight (Saturday) for an official first look. And then, I was out and about this afternoon. I made a stop at a local establishment where I heard from an employee who went to Epping last night. Apparently this place was so busy that they ran out of food at 7 p.m. and had a line out the door. Wozers. I called my friend Jason, aka Mr. New Hampshire, for a report. Turns out he and his family went there last night at 4:30 for an early dinner. It was packed. They didn't get their food forever. Then half of it came. It was a mad house. I'd say this place didn't anticipate the interest or crowds. Epping's like a destination now since the LaBarre trial started. People are all going to be stopping to see the place where it all began...the EppiCenter. Oh wait, there really is a plaza called that now..
And so I ventured somewhere else tonight, deciding to let them get settled first. Stay tuned for a review of the other place..


Gyro said...

One of the worst bars ever.
We get to the bar an sit at a table, We wait about 5 -7 minutes and no waitress. So I walk over to "a " waitress. I ask her if we have a waitress and she say the kitchen is closed. I said that's not what I asked. I asked if we have a waitress. We would like beers. She told me I had to go to the bar.
There were 3 of us at this Table. We ordered 7-8 different beers that were on the beer list and they were out of everyone of them. we finally ordered something that they did have and they asked to see our ID.
As the female bartender went around the horse shoe bar, the male bartender came over and asked us for our ID's again. We said she had just checked them. so he went over to verify with her. She finally came back with our beers and told us the bill for 3 beers was 17.00 OUCH.
One of the girls was drinking a little slower so I got up and ordered Chris and Myself two different beers, which happen to be 9 dollars a bottle. Different than what the beer menu said. I went back to the table and grabbed the beer menu and showed him the price and he said he will tell mgmt the beer menu is wrong. ( not sure if this clown was just pocketing the rest.) Before he gives me the beers he asks for my ID again. I said you just saw them and I just brought you back the empty beer glasses. She saw our ID's as well. He walked over again to verify with the female bartender. NOW if this was a packed bar I would understand the confusion but there were only 15 people in this bar. A group of high school drop outs wearing FUBU and ECKO to the left of us and a group of older men to the right. Both groups were bellied up to the bar while we were the only group who was wearing Shorts - t-shirts and sitting at a table.

So here we sit with our $40.00 beers watching Game 3 of the NBA finals. Its about ten min of 11:00 and the bar staff starts wiping down the bar, taking out huge things of saran wrap and wrapping up the bottles of booze. Then all of a sudden with 2 or 3 min left in the 3rd quarter of the game, every 150 watt bulb in the place turns on. As we look around confused the other two groups slowly get up and mosey on out of the bar grumbling that the they can't believe they would close during the middle of the game. Let me say that again....They are closing the bar before the end of the game and with paying customers still in the bar. Not closing because you can't serve but closing because they want to.

They finally tell us to finish our beers and get out. As we are walking out people are pulling into the parking lot, which we inform them they are closed.

I can see them going out of business fairly soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gyro
I can't disagree more! If you want cheap beers, drink at your local Elks club. I had a great time with my wife and son (who, by the way, was baptised in that church)
I guess if the waitress had to ask for an ID several times, I can only question your appearance. Personally, sitting at a table with shorts and t-shirts would be more appropriate to, perhaps, Margueritas. If you don't return, both the restaurant and its patrons will be twice blessed.