Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fire, Fire,

Fires seems to go in cycles. There will be months with no fire calls and then several right in a row. That was the case this weekend. Friday night saw firefighters responding to the Lindenshire Mobile Home Park off Linden Street for a fire in the woods behind the park. They were on scene for several hours so the fire definitely had a good hold. There was also a call for police to respond to Newfields Road for a report of a wounded owl.. Ironic since I've been trying to lure an owl to my barn for the all you can eat rat buffet. I can only hope the poor owl was on his way here when he courted disaster.
Today, crews were called to Bell Avenue for a fire on the outside of someone's garage. I'm still waiting for details on that one.
And here at my house, we are starting a charcoal fire to grill up some steaks for a little holiday weekend dinner with friends. I am still working on that dried porcini mushroom rub made famous at Zampa. I think I've gotten it down pat. Stay tuned.

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