Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tacos Tacos Tacos

I am a big fan of Mexican food. On any given week, I make something Mexican at least once from burritos, to enchiladas to homemade salsa. Still, I was skeptical about the new Las Olas Taqueria on Portsmouth Ave. I mean, Margarita's is right down the street, what were they thinking?
It's a completely different style of Mexican, as in, not completed deep fat fried, extra cheese, extra heavy fat food. More like the style of take out lunch you can get at Dos Amigos in Portsmouth/Dover.
I stopped in today while running errands and picked up a chicken taco. Tacos are served on soft tortillas folded in half. You customize your pick as you go along, sort of like at Subway. They had chicken, beef, pork and beans to start. Then add on cheese, fresh salsa (regular or hot), fresh guacamole, sour cream, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, fresh cilantro or fresh lime juice. Burritos are filled with beans, rice and choice of meat, along with all the other toppings. They also had a taco salad, quesadilla and low carb option, pile of toppings in a bowl with rice and beans thing.
I was in and out of the place in less than five minutes and they were packed. And it was a bargain for the taco in my 0pinion, about $2.50.
They also sell beer, but sadly no margaritas...
Makes me thirsty just thinking of margaritas. yuum


Anonymous said...

Hi Lara,
We are Julie Coffey and Matt Burke, owners of las olas in Exeter! Just wanted to say hello and thank you for mentioning us on your blog. We are so happy you enjoyed your food.

We are quite proud of our product for several reasons, it's healthy, light and yummy flavors, affordable, fun and very kid friendly. All important factors for us when searching for places to eat in town.. with kids always in tow.

I hope you come visit us again.. and do say hello.. I we know one another.. and have a good friend in common.. (margaret)

thanks again,
Julie Coffey Burke

Lara Bricker said...

Hi Julie,

I'll be back! I'm drawing a blank on our mutual friend?

Lara Bricker said...

Wait a minute, is that Matt Burke who used to ride horses?

Anonymous said...

Hey Lara, I dont think matty rode horses.. I will have to ask!

Don't you know margaret and David W??? Well you will recoginze me from ports.. prehaps the button factory area.. coffee shop? I have 2 girls Addie 8 and Natalia 2.5 born in Guatemla... Come on ring a bell!!!

Anonymous said...

Las Olas ~ Blog Check it out!~

Anonymous said...

Hi Lara.. I can not believe this, but your email was deleted from my saved messages.. and I no longer have a way to communicate other than your blog! Sorry!!!

I just wanted to thank you for the awesome article you wrote for the Exeter paper, on our restaurant...!!! It was an excellent article... Very much appreciated of course!... and it paid off..!

Hope to get you in again soon.. and please allow me to buy you lunch!

Best, Julie Coffey Burke
Las Olas Taqueria
Exeter NH