Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Room With A View

The view from our room is amazing and finally (knock on wood) the wind has died down and the temps are headed up. Good thing. It's a big day here at the timeshare today--the hermit crab races. They're taking 50 cent bets on the races. This is followed by the shuffleboard tournament and BINGO!
Despite all of these fun activities, the timeshare business here seems to be struggling. What evidence do I have? Well, picture this. I know we must look like tourists in our mini van, with Kenny driving and me with my tourist map in the front navigating. The big spotlight beacon is projecting from us like day glow. TOURISTS. TOURISTS. TOURISTS. GET YOUR TOURISTS RIGHT HERE.
As we were driving south on A1A yesterday, a small car pulled up next to us and started waving. The two men in the car roll down their windows and started yelling at us. Were we being carjacked? Did they need directions? Did we have a flat tire on our rental van?
Not quite.
They worked for the timeshare place up the road and wanted to sell us a timeshare.
Business has to be bad.
I mean come on, how many people actually say, "Hey these two morons in their little tin car look nice, why don't I buy a timeshare today?"
And this is why there aren't more hermit crab races.

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