Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No Results for Results

I've been getting strange second hand reports from friends in recent months about the future of Results Fitness on Epping Road. One friend was concerned after he went to work out at night for an entire week and there was no staff on site. When he left at closing time, the place was still open. Another had heard varying reports about the place being fixed up and renovated or sold. Then last week I had a report that the electricity was being shut off.

What can I say, I'm nosy. I went out to get a look yesterday. There's a big sign on the door that says the place is closed effective immediately. One enterprising fellow gym, Solutions Fitness up on Holland Way, has a sign next to that one advertising $35 per month at their place for those fitness finatics who now have no where to work out this winter.

I see the Kane Company has Results listed for $1.5 million. Hmmm. I know we're talking of renovating the town offices, but that might be a spot for the town to consider? I know it needs a new roof (having seen a lawsuit over at the superior court alleging the old roofer did a bad job) but it would be a nice municipal complex.
And for a bonus--it has a pool and a hot tub!


Independent Book Report said...

Hey Lara,
Sorry to take so long to get back to you. RYC: right now I'm not taking any more books for review, only because I know I won't get to them anytime soon. I'm just swamped and barely have the time to review the pile I've got.

Just a brief hiatus, though. Keep an eye out though, in a few months I should have some time to start again.

Our Senior Moment said...

Lara - I hope your suggestion that the town purchase the Results building is ment as a back handed joke. We don't need a new town office. There is little wrong with the present facility. Town officials and town bureaucrats may want a new town office building but we certainly don't need one. There is a hugh money difference between NEED and WANT.

Wayne Patten

Lara Bricker said...

Didn't you catch the sarcasm with the pool and hot tub comment? Though it would make a nice fire station, don't you think.

Our Senior Moment said...

Okay - Anything for Ken :-)

Previously - I thought you were using the pool to keep town politics clean :-O