Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Are There Pirates on the River?

Here are some scenes from the river next to Swasey Parkway this week. Anyone else curious about why this smelt shack has grown a forest? Or why they're flying the pirate flag? I don't trust the ice to walk out there and inquire, though it's driving me nuts not knowing whether a real life pirate has set up shop in Exeter. Does this person think the trees will confuse the fish who might think they are in an actual forest and not about to become dinner?
In years past it would be almost time for the annual Smelt and Eel Fry during Winterfest. It's really too bad that Winterfest ended. Though you still won't get me to eat the smelt or the eels.

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Tom said...

Lara I had to create an account the Minute I was shown this Link. My name is Tom and that is My shack I love the picture. haha Its out there this year too but without the trees and the flag sadly though I just recently ordered a new one it just hasnt come in yet Please contact me. We did it in hopes to get in the paper but they always go out to the bay and take pictures never the river