Monday, April 20, 2009

Newfields General Store Up For Sale

Current owner Nancy Kingston, who bought the store in 2001, recently lowered her asking price to $395,000 for the well-known property in downtown Newfields. Kingston who has been running the store since April of 2005 said the demands of her real estate business were a major factor in her decision to sell the store.
“With the turnaround in the real estate market, it’s getting very busy and I just don’t have the time,” Kingston said.
The store is one of the last small town general stores in operation in the area, she said, known for its specialty items like penny candy, marinated Danvers Butchery meats and Boar’s Head brand sandwiches.
The red building across from the Newfields Town Hall has been a store for as long as anyone can remember and Kingston is hoping that a new owner will keep it a store.
“I’m interested in finding the right person to buy it who wants to keep it a general store,” Kingston said. “It’s successful, it does well; there’s opportunities to make the store more than it is.”

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