Monday, April 6, 2009

Baker's Peel Changing Hands

You may have noticed the sign in the window of the Baker's Peel downtown. It says they are closed for renovations, which is the case, sort of.
But please stay tuned for a full story on this.

I learned last week that the longtime owners of the Baker's Peel downtown, Jud and Susanne Lovering, are finalizing a sale of the bakery. I understand from Jud that the space will remain a bakery under the new owners who plan to call it St. Anthony's Bakery or something to that effect.

UPDATE: I've finished an interview with Jud and the new owner Anthony and it's actually a nice human interest story here. Anthony worked under Jud for 10 years before taking on another job. He started there in high school washing dishes and worked up to baking bread, then pastries, and then even running the place when Jud and Susanne were on vacation.

So the answer to my question about the cinnamon buns has been answered--they will remain. In fact, most of the pastries that we've all grown to love (though my thighs have not) will be there and Anthony has already been making them for years and knows the recipes. He is not going to do the full breakfast that's been there for the past year or so, but is returning to doing the baked goods, cakes, and simple sandwiches for lunch.

Stay tuned for a full story, but here's one tidbit from a longtime friend of Jud and Susanne--their business neighbor, longtime barber Jim Ryan. Ryan, who has seen 4 businesses in the space next door since he's been a barber, was quick to tell me that he and the other men at the shop will miss Jud's visits and his political discussions. (Though somehow I am sure Jud will still be stopping in for those Jim...)

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