Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Spa Open House on Friday (They'll have wine and prizes)

Open House Details

When: Friday, April 24 from 6 to 8 p.m.
Where: Much Kneaded Massage LLC, Trisara Facial Spa and electrologist Kristen Landers,
Exeter Crossings, 18 Hampton Road, Suite 8 (the new office building on the corner, third floor)

By Lara Bricker

EXETER — Those looking for a little pampering have a new venue in town for anything from massage to facials to electrolysis.
While the venue is new, the trio of women operating out of the newly constructed professional space in the Exeter Crossings, are familiar faces to many in the area.
Kristen Landers, Colleen Seachrist and Melody Fowler, all worked together at the Exeter Day Spa on Front Street. When the spa closed last fall, they decided to team up in a new space. Each operates her own independent business while sharing a suite of rooms on the third floor of 18 Hampton Road.
"We just felt we needed to do it," said Fowler, who is a licensed massage therapist and Reiki practitioner. "I think the three of us are just so passionate about what we do."
As part of establishing their new businesses, the women are planning to hold an open house this Friday, April 24, as a way to greet both new and old clients who may not have been aware they were still practicing locally.
Fowler offers clients massage and Reiki through her Much Kneaded Massage LLC, Seachrist offers esthetic services through Trisara Facial Spa, while Landers offers permanent hair removal services.
For Fowler, becoming a massage therapist was a true calling. She started massage when she was still in high school and managing a football team, where players often had extremely tight muscles. She now specializes in deep tissue and pregnancy massage.
"I wanted to do something fulfilling with my life," she said. "I love wellness. I just want to help people in a nice soothing environment."
Fowler sees massage therapy as a way to help improve the lives of others.
"I absolutely believe if everybody could have a massage, this world would be a different place," she said. "I'd like to help people improve their lives and their overall wellness one massage at a time."
Seachrist got into esthetics after working in the marketing field for a number of years. "I quickly fell in love with doing esthetics and realized it was my true calling," Seachrist said. "I had finally found my niche."
Seachrist uses Jan Marini, Guinot and Jane Iredale products on her clients, and offers both facial and waxing services. "Providing a quality service and allowing clients to relax to a point of forgetting about their daily stress and routine is a nice feeling even if it's a small part of their day," Seachrist said. "I know personally how wonderful I feel when I've had a spa service, and I want to create that same feeling for my clients."
Landers got into the electrology field after having treatments herself to be free of unwanted hair. "The treatments were successful and gave me the self confidence to feel good about myself," she said. "I decided I wanted to help others gain that self confidence."
She attended the Electrology Institute of New England and is now attending the Esthetics Institute of New England so that she can expand her services to include medical esthetics. Electrolysis is the only proven method of permanent hair removal, she explained.
"Not only is it effective, but also affordable," Landers said. "I use the latest state-of-the-art equipment, and have been trained in all modalities accepted and used today in permanent electro-epilation."
Landers said she absolutely loves her job and being able to help her clients.
"I've seen how it's improved people's lives by enhancing their self-confidence and well-being," she said. "At the end of my work day what better feeling than knowing you've helped someone improve their self esteem."


Madison said...

It's great to see a new spa business opening! Spa people are some of the most creative and hard working entrepreneurs out there.

Kudos to Kristen, Melody, and Colleen.

If I was near I'd definitely stop by for a massage. I hope that open house is a huge success!

Ben said...

That's really good, to see people trying to build a new busisness.

But how do you compete with big competators like I saw last time, a new misterious company called Botinger & roi is going to reveal there new spa

They have also made website's and everything:

Kim said...

@ Ben

I have also heard of the Botinger and Roi spa.

But the link www.botinger-roi.com
only askes you if you know what the company represents...

PS. nice a small spa is always more personal :)

Omar said...

@ Ben

Do you know where the Botinger & Roi spa is!??

I think I can see it on one of the clips on the background, on your link: