Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Meals on Wheels Issue

So I guess I haven't been paying close enough atttention to this whole Meals on Wheels issue. I received a call today from a concerned citizen who felt that there was some misinformation, or lack of information, about exactly what the decision by the Board of Selectmen not to fund $ for the program means.
I was under the impression that the entire funding for Meals on Wheels had been cut. Apparently, this is not the case.
I have a 91 year old grandmother who lives with me and know that elderly folks are not as good about making food for themselves as they once were. Most days, my gram would sit around and eat toast and tea alone if we didn't cook her dinner. So when I thought that the program had been cut entirely, I was feeling very badly for the many elderly people in town who receive a hot meal each day from Meals on Wheels. Well, they are still going to get the meals. The part of the funding that was cut was for transportation services offered through the program. There is a line in the story in today's paper clarifying this.
Transportation for the elderly is a whole other issue and I have been involved with this as well due to my grandmother who no longer drives. We have several options for senior transportation in town, but I have to say I'm always a little confused about which program takes you where, which costs how much and so on. The new taxi from Graham's Sunoco will take elderly folks around and the Lamprey Health van will take them out to doctors and shopping and so on. I believe the transportation through Meals on Wheels is one my grandmother used a few times that utilitzes volunteer drivers to take elderly to appointments around town. It would be nice if we had a clear listing (including specifics on each program) of these services in one location for the town's elderly as it is really confusing to try to track them all down individually.
The latest story in the paper outlines the specifics:

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mothertracker! said...

I feel strongly about the meals on wheels program! I have a little rest. in town, and i am searching on how I can help, as a community member and a business. Im sure other resturaunts would help out...we could do anything from donate meals, to putting a cup out for donations,,,
Back to google to see what info I can find!
I love your blog, it always pops up when i am googleing...
thanks for posting.