Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It Must Really Be The New Year... if

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I have just returned from the gym. I know, stereotypical New Year’s event, the tourist season at all of the area fitness clubs. Though for me, it wasn’t really a New Year’s resolution type thing, but a realization that I have gotten into a pretty good and regular routine, which if often hard when you work for yourself from home, and that I could maybe start to expand in the middle of the day when I take a break from writing, by going and walking on the treadmill at the gym. (And no this has nothing to do with the fact that my husband kindly, or rather sarcastically, told me last fall that I was “supremely” out of shape when I announced I was going to go out riding with the local fox hunt). He was right and the gym, The Great Bay Athletic Club, is only five minutes from my house. And oh yes, I still had some guest passes from the 10 pass coupon I bought a while back. Turns out, my memory has gone some since Mommydom. A while back was actually right after Willie was born. That would be two and a half years ago. And apparently these guest packs are only good for a year.
I lured myself over to the gym with the thought of watching TV while I walked on the treadmill as each treadmill has individual (cable) TV. Hooray. Too bad in the two and a half years since I last entered the place I’ve lost my headphones.
And so it was off to Staples in Stratham on the way to the Great Bay Athletic Club in Newmarket for headphones. No generic, old-fashioned headphones seems to exist anymore and so I ended up with a little pair that just slip into your ears.
The gym is still standing where it was the last time I entered, but they’ve done some remodeling. And they got new treadmills, though still with the fancy personal TV’s. There were a few scary moments while I tried to figure out the new treadmill operation system, which seemed to require about as much skill as turning on the controls in the cockpit of an airplane, and I was off. It was just me and Food TV. And a few way too skinny fit people who were (gasp) running on the treadmill as opposed to my walking. There was also a warning sign up on the window in front of me that cautioned that I could get shocked through my headphones due to the dry static of the winter air. Great, just one more hurdle to clear on the way to physical fitness. Maybe a little shock might boost up my workout a bit, you know, really kick me into high gear when I was slacking off on the incline or something.
I made it through a whopping 30 minutes on the treadmill, watched Paula Deen make something with butter, butter and more butter, and left feeling good about seeing the inside of the gym again.
I know it’s not much, but sometimes baby steps aren’t just for our children, they’re for mommy too.

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