Thursday, January 15, 2009

Closing the Chapter on a Long Run of Public Service

Harry Thayer has retired from the fire department after 45 years. Thayer was most recently the deputy chief in charge of the call firefighters. A lot has changed since he first joined the department, including gear, politics, personnel and firefighting techniques. (Oh yeah and Brewitt's is no longer running the ambulance service in a hearse...)
I'm working up a full story about Harry for the newspaper, so stay tuned.
But here's one little tidbit I didn't have space to include.. sort of the expose on Harry Thayer. I heard from another retired firefighter this morning that Harry once had a career as a race car driver, but that he didn't want his father to know, so he raced under a fake name. I called around to find out the race name before going back to the source, Harry. His race name was Harry Hanson. In addition to the fact that he didn't want his dad to find out what he was up to, the announcer couldn't say Thayer well, so Hanson was easier on many fronts.

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