Friday, July 18, 2008

Rev Fest Weekend

I know, I know, it is officially called the American Independence Festival now.. but to me, it will always be "Rev Fest." (Revolutionary War Festival). And for those who haven't seen the signs out for the past month, it's tomorrow, Saturday, starting at 10 a.m. downtown Exeter. Check out the schedule of events at

I am always a fan of the great battle on the Swasey Parkway, but think the cannons might be a bit too much for wee Willie to handle. I'm also sad that they did away with the beer tent after only two years..

But, never fear, I'm sure if you head to the Tavern downtown tomorrow night, some of the historical folks will be there in costume with their old mugs drinking beer. I love it when they show up every year, always fun to try to throw them off character after they have a few pops!

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