Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Opinion Counts!

So my opinion counts folks, check it out.

Fireworks aboard the Gundalow: A Spectacular View

Exeter, New Hampshire –The Exeter Historical Society invites you to a reception aboard the historic Gundalow for a spectacular view of the July 19th fireworks! Board the Gundalow at 8pm for champagne and dessert and you’ll enjoy the best “seat in the house” for the American Independence Festival fireworks at 9pm. Tickets are $100 per person and support the programs of the non-profit Exeter Historical Society.

A few years ago, Lara Bricker, a local newspaper journalist, viewed the fireworks display from the deck of the Gundalow. She had this to say about the experience: "while I was wandering around Swasey Parkway in search of a quiet spot to watch the Rev Fest fireworks, I saw some friends sitting out on the Gundalow. They invited us out to sit with them and we had a fabulous time. Although the park was packed with people watching the display, I felt totally removed from the crowds and really able to enjoy the lovely view. Just being on the water seems like such an escape and I thought it would have been the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail and a little picnic while waiting for the fireworks to go off.” Now you have the opportunity to enjoy an amazing view of the fireworks while supporting an important local non-profit. But space is limited, and tickets will be available on a first-come basis, so hurry to register by calling the Exeter Historical Society at 603-778-2335, or you may send a check for $100 per ticket with your name and phone number to the Exeter Historical Society at P.O. Box 924, Exeter, NH, 03833.
UPDATE: I received this info from a local boater/river watcher: It will be dead low at Exeter this year at 9pm on the 19th.
I supposed this means you will be overlooking, and smelling, mud. Perhaps the champagne toast will dull the senses to that


Carol said...

I will be your fireworks host and hope that you can join us for some champagne and dessert!

Lara Bricker said...

I'm torn.. the Tall Ships are coming into Newburyport and there's a big party at our marina to watch them..