Thursday, July 10, 2008

Checking out the New and Improved Exeter Inn

I've been a bit busy, so got behind on postings.

So we headed out two weekends ago to the new and improved Epoch Restaurant and Bar at the Exeter Inn. I'd been over earlier in the week to do a story on the opening, but at the time, there were still construction men everywhere. And I was having a hard time picturing the bar area done in time for the grand opening event.
It was.
And by Saturday, when we went, the place was hopping. We ran into local drycleaner turned male model and piano player, Russ Fieldsend, who was thrilled beyond belief to see such a classy, upscale bar in town. The place is really nice. Red leather bar stools, granite topped bar and bar tables.
We tried the cheese platter to start off and it was delicious. Three kinds of cheese, including one I later found out, that was a triple cream, high fat, right to your thighs variety. But it was tasty, so I forgot about that fatty part. Several kinds of chutneys and a tomato relish of some sort. Dried fruit, crackers and fresh fruit.
They have a specialty martini list, including a little sampler trio where you get to try three mini versions of the real deal. Here's the thing to remember, just because they look like cute, small drinks, doesn't mean they don't have liquor in them... beware. I was a fan of the blackberry martini, which had real blackberries mashed up in it.
We'd planned to try some of the Kobe beef sliders, but by the time we went to put in our order, they were sold out. I'm not surprised since just about everyone in the bar seemed to be ordering the little mini cheeseburgers.
So we went for real dinner.
It was a great way to spend an evening, in a new location in town, which actually made you feel like you'd been transported somewhere else.
My only word of warning would be the cost of drinks. The wine list was extensive but had no "house" wine choices and so when I asked for a house red, I was given the least expensive red wine on the menu at $9. Martinis were $10-12 each. This is probably market rate at restaurants of this caliber, but I guess I've been spoiled at the Tavern and Townlyne Grille where you get a little "side car" or second drink with your martinis. (For the price of one).

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