Friday, July 18, 2008

Another Wild Critter Visit to Our House

First the groundhog, then the turkey. Now, it's a family of foxes. I first spotted big mama fox a few weeks back trotting down our driveway. She seemd to come every day around 1 p.m. She always followed the same route, down our driveway, then out along the path in our neighbor Dee's backyard. Then, there was the incident, where I heard an awful noise one night after dinner. I went outside to investigate and there was the mama fox barking at our cat, Bear. I yelled at her, she looked at me, and slowly trotted away. And now, we have the young fox seen here. I looked outside the other morning, and see this little fox, investigating the charcoal grill in front of the house. Then he trots around in a circle, lays down, rolls over like he's playing, and trots around some more. What's he doing? Well, apparently, he and Bear the cat are checking each other out. The cat was sitting, calm as could be, in the garden watching him. I opened up the window to yell at little fox, who trotted out the driveway, followed by the cat. I'm not exactly sure what was going on here, but they seemed to almost be hanging out together..

Little fox checks out my recent plantings?

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