Monday, June 16, 2008

Seeking Oldest Resident

Margaret Schultz

I got word today from Peg Duhamel at the Council on Aging that our newly honored Boston Post Cane holder, Margaret Schultz, has passed away. This means that Duhamel is on the hunt once again for the town's oldest resident. Anyone with a lead is asked to call her at 772-3705

Here's the story I did just a few months ago on Margaret Shultz:

By Lara Bricker
February 01, 2008
EXETER — Margaret Schulz wanted to be sure everyone put their best face forward at a special party in her honor Thursday afternoon.
That included her son James.
The 103-year-old Margaret noticed her son had a few eyebrow hairs amiss when he arrived at her room at SunBridge at Exeter. She did not hesitate to pull out a pair of tweezers and pluck the offending hairs.
Looking lovely in her own bright pink sweater, Schulz then went to the special ceremony where she was presented with the town's Boston Post Cane — an honor bestowed upon the town's oldest living resident.
"I don't know what to say and do," the 103-year-old woman marveled. "I'm so excited I can't talk."
Exeter Selectman Lionel Ingram presented Schulz with the town's replica of the cane during a festive ceremony Thursday afternoon at SunBridge at Exeter where Schulz lives.
"I'm not the oldest yet," Ingram joked as he handed the cane to Schulz, who was flanked by her son James and daughter-in-law Ann.
"Is this for me?" Schulz asked. "What a nice thing."

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