Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Holy Madness

The saga of the Holy Grail Pub in Epping continues. My sources tell me that they were closed Sunday and won't open again until Wednesday. They are apparently having a big training with the waitstaff and working to figure out how they will respond to the crowds of hungry and thirsty patrons that converged on the place last weekend.
Another local I know went there on Saturday night (just one night after they first ran out of food) and they ran out of food again. I hope there weren't too many "liquid diets" at the place Saturday night. Not to stereotype, but it is an Irish pub after all. I have several Irish friends and can say they like to have a few pops..

Again, I'll say it sounds like they did not anticipate the interest in the place.

Their web site http://www.theholygrailpub.com/ reports today:

Thank You for a Tremendous Grand Opening!
Special Hours this week
Closed Monday June 2 and Tuesday June 3
Reopening June 4 at 11:00 am

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