Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Seek Alternate Routes

The summer construction season is well underway, hooray.. not. So, they are apparently doing some work on Route 111a/Brentwood Road this week, going down along Main Street by Park Street. I've limped through as the traffic guard guys give me the "slow" or "stop" signs all week as I drive Willie to daycare out on 111A. But this afternoon was apparently a big time for the work. I came out the end of 111A to meet a sheriff's deputy. He gave me that cop arm/head shake thing with the big finger pointing repeatedly where I was supposed to go.
What, I can't go straight back onto Main Street?
Apparently not.
I looped up Washington Street and tried to make a loop back down past the auto body place/Harvard Street, so I could cut across past the park and get out to Newfields Road.
Nope, sorry, another deputy met me.
And so, I turned around, went back out to Front Street, out to Portsmouth Avenue and home via 101.
Don't you just love the summer construction season?

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