Sunday, March 2, 2008

Who Thinks Up These Names?

So I was at On the Vine the other day when I saw a wine called Menage a Trois red table wine. The name kind of freaked me out a little bit, but, curious, I bought it. A few hours later, I found myself alone drinking a glass or two of the stuff. Not bad. But the bottle description makes it sound oh so exciting. A walk on the wild side. I wouldn't go that far. Especially when I was drinking the stuff alone...
Reminds me of a column I wrote a few years back about wine:
When my own love affair with wine began in college, economics and bulk quantity were most important.
Yes, I admit it, the "Box of Wine" was among the staples in my college apartment refrigerator. For $9.99, you got the equivalent of five bottles of wine, all in an easy to carry (and non-breakable) box.
Now, I can’t remember the last time there was a box of wine in my refrigerator. The only Box of Wine I’ve had in my possession lately was one Susan Nolan inherited at the end of the Scamman Pig Roast last summer. She thought I could use it for cooking. It hasn’t moved from the shelf since Susan proudly handed her loot over to me.
Apparently, I am somewhat infamous in my group of friends at college for the ever-present - and eternal - Box of Wine.
I went out with a friend from college, Jen Cronin, a few months ago, and it was the first story about me she told some of my post-college friends.
Feeling nostalgic after Jen’s little trip down memory lane, I decided to pick up a Box of Wine one weekend before going boating with some friends.
"Oh, the fun times I had, drinking the different varieties of Box of Wine," I told them.
You could even get two varieties of wine in one box, if you purchased the "Party in a Box" option. I poured the wine into a 16-ounce, "boat safe" plastic glass and took a sip.
"That stuff tastes like (expletive deleted)," I admitted.

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