Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And the Rat Came Back the Very Next Day

The rat came back, he just wouldn't stay away. (Remember this nice little camp song?) The 2 rats I found in Penny's water bucket are apparently not alone. Feel like you're in an alien movie? They're out there..watching you with their little red eyes. Kenny found 2 more in the garbage can. Dead as well. Thought they no doubt filled their tummies before they realized they couldn't get out of their little prison cell. Kenny believes they are nesting under some of the horse blankets in the barn. I'm afraid to even lift the blanket up. I have a horror movie in my head where I lift it up and rats jump on me and eat my face off.
And so I turn to the Internet. Get a barn owl, one site advised me. Hmm, yeah like that sounds easy...NOT quite. Eliminate the source of food, which in this case would be the garbage pails. This is also tough. It used to be up by the house. This is when a mouse/rat/rodent climbed into grammy's car and took up residence, requiring a massive trip to the auto repair place and a complete clean out. Poison? No. We have a cat. A trap? Well, then what do we do with them? Maybe we can take them over to the Raynes Farm Barn. Should it catch and burn down (thanks to lack of a fire alarm), they'll be toast too. Brilliant. I knew there was a reason that warrant article failed.


Our Senior Moment said...

Lara - you are far too intelligent to believe that the fire department could ever reach that barn, even with a high class alarm system, in time to save it. If the entire department were parked across the street when that hay stored in Raynes Barn combust and explodes into roaring flames they could not save it.

However - on a daily basis, one could go to the barn, shove their hand into the middle of each bale of hay testing the heat level and thus determine whether any bales are near exploding. Of course - rats are not stupid they like heat - and know where it may be found. Opps! There goes another little bite.

Let's just sell the darn barn nd land and use the money to build a sub-fire station.

Lara Bricker said...

Got any rats at your house Wayne?? Looking for somewhere to toss them??

don clement said...

Lara, I hope that I don't become as cynical and ornery as Wayne when I get to be his age. By Wayne's logic we shouldn't even bother to try and save your barn if it catches on fire. After all you are even further away than the Raynes Barn. I guess in Wayne's world any barn in any town isn't worth saving.