Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let's Get Out the Vote!

I went out to vote this morning and it was like a ghost town. Hardly anyone showing up to vote. Let's get out the vote people. We have a contested selectman's race with 4 really interesting candidates which is worthy of getting out to vote for. I was asked if the newspaper had made a prediction about the outcome of this race and I have to say I can't hazard a guess. I think Bobby Aldrich has a lot of support, as does incumbent Bill Campbell. But then Matt Quandt enters the mix and he is usually the top vote getter in the state rep election counts (and has support from the old boys in town, aka Bucky Rowe et al) and Tanis has the background in the issue that seems to be the most on people's minds these days, water and sewer. So who knows. The only thing I can decide on is: Best earmuffs--Bobby Aldrich. Cool shades--Matt Quandt

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