Thursday, March 13, 2008

Two Dead Rats, What Does it Mean?

I was grooving along today in my crazy schedule. Willie down for a nap, time to clean horse stalls and get a little exercise. As I went to dump Penny the horse's water bucket to clean it out, eeew yuck> two dead rats came flying out. I gave them a ceremonial burial on the manure pile. But then got to thinking, I'm sure there's some symbolism or something to finding two dead rats. Is it an omen?

All I could find about rats was this:

Sailors believe that if all the Rats leave a ship then it is destined to sink on its very next journey. One sailing superstition forbids the mention of the name Rat whilst on board ship.

So a rat in a bucket? Who knows. My own take it means "He who finds two dead rats in bucket of water on semi warm winter day gets bad smell."

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vincent said...

I am sorry, that is disgusting. BUT, I laughed so hard at that last part. You are so funny, just like when you were young!!! Anyhow, maybe it has a meaning just like finding a slug in your cot... (like we did in Bar Harbor!!!) LOL...