Friday, November 30, 2007

News Flash--Bricker Solves Mystery of Moose Milking

Thanks to everyone who put in guesses this week on the big news. Very creative answers. And NO, I am not pregnant. I've got a book coming out called "How Do You Milk a Moose Anyway?" It's a collection of funny stories and columns, some new, some old.
Here's what an initial review had to say about it: "She has a really dry sense of humor, so just about everything she says is funny. She writes on anything you can imagine, from grape stomping to the liquid progesterone she has to put her moody horse on. I loved the book. I'm first in line to buy it when it comes out..."
Thanks to photographer Jay Reiter for his awesome cover photo shown here. I was going for the contemplative look. How'd I do?

Details to follow soon for online ordering of this book for Christmas delivery.


waynepatten said...

About Time! You know how I always liked your writing. I am excited for you. Congratulations!

Lara Bricker said...

The perfect holiday gift idea Wayne. Buy 20!

Amy Kane said...

Milk a moose? Welcome to blogworld, Lara. I've linked you to my blog Atlantic Ave. I look forward to reading more.

Crisis Queen of Old said...

Oh my gosh, Brick!!!!!!! Congratulations! Anything in there I should be worried about??