Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Eating for Two, Again

Lately I've been feeling great sympathy for those women in the before and after shots on those supermarket women's magazines. You know, the stay at home moms that gain like 300 pounds and then have the nice "after" photos where they're skinny and healthy.
Why you ask?
I have two words for you--children's menu.
You know, chicken fingers, fries, grilled cheese, mini pizzas or in the case of Margarita's, goey cheese filled quesadillas.
Willie loves to go out to eat. He especially loves Margaritas. He also likes Applebee's, The Sylvan Street Grill in Salisbury and well, just about any restaurant where he can act cute and flirt with blond waitresses. And of course, eat grilled cheese. Did you ever notice how much better grilled cheese at a restaurant tastes than the one you make at home? Addictive, that's how much better. Willie usually only eats half of his grilled cheese. I usually can't resist eating one piece and then of course feel bad that it would be thrown out if he doesn't eat it. Maybe this is because I had that whole starving children in Africa thing drilled into my head when I was a kid. Who knows, but the next thing you know I've eaten a whole half of his sandwich. Plus my own.
I know this is a slippery slope.
And I'm sliding away. How about those pieces of french toast sticks he doesn't want to eat in the morning? Yummy. What about mac and cheese? Even better.
I'm starting to feel like a crazed pregnant woman eating all sorts of food and blaming it on her cravings. (For the record-NO I AM NOT PREGNANT AGAIN).
I hope you don't pick up Women's World in the near future and see my kid's menu inflated body on the cover advertising the next great fad diet. How about the grilled cheese diet?

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