Friday, March 6, 2009

History for Kids

The Exeter Historical Society will be offering a local history enrichment course geared towards students aged 9-11 who have an interest in history, beginning April 2nd at the Historical Society headquarters at 47 Front Street.
This series entitled, “Unlocking the Past: A Local History Enrichment Course”, will cover life in the Exeter area over the past 350 years. The course will meet on Thursdays at 3:45 for one hour per week for eight weeks, with the exception of the week of April school vacation.

The course will be taught by Deborah Kanner, a New Hampshire state certified teacher with a master’s degree in history. The cost is $75 per child, or $25 per child for those with a Family Membership to the Society.

The course will be based on the Exeter History Curriculum developed by Ms. Kanner under the auspices of Historic Exeter Associates (1997). Students will explore themes related to the history of New England using Exeter, New Hampshire, as a representative model. The focus will be on the study of local history as a means of enhancing the students’ understanding of economic, political, and social development over time. Students will also be encouraged to research their own local interests as a means of fostering appreciation for and involvement in their communities.

Primary sources, documents and artifacts will enable students to experience history in concrete terms. Students will learn to analyze and evaluate these sources in order to gain insight into the past. Utilizing the Exeter Historical Society’s collection will enhance this experiential learning. Sources referenced will include maps, photos, memorabilia, newspapers, and books. The building itself, and its location in downtown Exeter, will offer access to architecture and monuments as sources. This course will involve walking field trips in the immediate area of the Historical Society. Ms. Kanner will require the help of a few parents to help supervise these trips. Students’ classwork will be organized in a folder along with suggestions for further activities and field trips.
To enroll or for additional information, please contact Laura Gowing at the Exeter Historical Society at 603-778-2335 (or at

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