Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Day of Voting and Dirty Dancing

I stopped to vote this afternoon and was told by those out in front of the polls that voter turnout was way down. I hope people get out the vote! It's your chance to be heard...

(And if you're really lucky you'll be interviewed by the Fox 25 News crew camped out down there).

They want to hear about Dirty Dancing debate at the high school.

For those not up on the debate, check out the story about Exeter's own Footloose click here


A New England Life said...

The Dirty Dancing debate ... lol! My daughter is a sophomore at EHS and really doesn't care about the dances, though she used to go to them all.

Seems to me it's one thing when you're dirty dancing as a senior, it's another when there are 13 year old freshman there.

Glad I found your blog : )

UNH Hi-Lites said...

Victor Sokul is a dumb ass. After talking to former Exeter High School Students who graduated only 2 years after Sokul replaced the former principal who spent more time drinking and driving and going to synergy during the day than actually working on school activities. The problem is, students would rather have Gary than the new over protective "I ride a Harley" Sokul. So what if kids are "Grinding?" Its the drinking and drugs that need to be cracked down on through education and not through increased police presence and the canceling of dances. There are two different issues here, drinking/drugs, and dirty dancing. If people are at a school event they shouldn't be drinking but still they are more safe than if left to their own devices. I know of plenty of parties that were far more dangerous, probably involving SEX (OH NO!) that happened in lieu of students attending the CANCELLED school dance. Good one VIC! another ignorant decision from SEXETER administration.


Anonymous said...

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