Wednesday, May 6, 2009

They Did It

I was coming back into town this evening and couldn't resist driving by to see if the light was on at the Ioka.
Earlier today, Marc Murai of the Save the announced that if he raised the $10K needed for his good faith deposit by the deadline tonight, they would light up the marquee. If not, it would remain black.
Well, the light wasn't on, but Roger Detzler was climbing on a ladder to post up something to the effect of "We Did It" when I passed by.
I'm amazed that the group was able to raise the money in such a short period of time. I have to wonder if Clint Eastwood did chip in at the last minute. (See the story from Portsmouth Herald here where Murai talks about how he approached Eastwood).
I will say one thing for this fast paced campaign and last minute entrance into the mix by Murai, it has gotten the interested people in the community fired up. I saw some lady jumping up and down on the sidewalk like a pogo stick when Detzler was putting up the post tonight.
Will he be able to raise the rest of the nearly quarter million dollars by the next deadline? We shall see in the next episode of what is starting to feel like our own Exeter version of a reality show.

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