Monday, May 4, 2009

Ioka Group Issues Last Minute Appeal for $$

Press Release from the Save the group:

The community rally and fundraiser on Sunday May 3 at Swasey Parkway in Exeter drew in a crowd of about two hundred people that gave generously.
"We raised just over twenty-five hundred dollars, bringing our current fundraising efforts up to thirty-five hundred dollars," said Wendie Leweck co-campaign manager. "We are asking the community to donate any amount that is meaningful to show support for what will be the Ioka Digital & Performing Arts Center. Your donation shows our investors that the community does in fact want a performing arts center in Exeter."

Marc Murai, who signed an intent to purchase agreement on April 23 with Roger Detzler, current owner of the Ioka, has until May 6 to raise $ 10,000. If the campaign is unsuccessful in raising that amount, all donations will be refunded. If the $10,000 is raised, the money will be placed as a good faith deposit on the purchase of the theater and gives Murai 60 days to finalize his business plan and present it to potential investors. To show your support visit or contact Wendie Leweck at

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