Friday, September 5, 2008

Equestrian Fun Comes to Town

So I've landed the job of reporting daily from the big Jumper Classic horse show out on Hampton Falls Road at the Silver Oak Equestrian Center. For those who don't know, I actually have a degree in horses (not journalism) which makes this an ideal writing assignment for me. So why am I writing, and not riding, these days? Well, after one too many falls in college, I considered what might I do if I ended up in a body cast from a horse. Write of course!

Here's the first day's report:

By Lara Bricker
September 05, 2008 6:00 AM
HAMPTON FALLS — A group of Olympic-level equestrians was poised and ready to answer questions from its youngest fans under a tent at the Fidelity Investments Jumper Classic Wednesday afternoon.
No doubt top rider Nona Garson was not expecting the first question of the day, posed to her by 10-year-old Britney Swane."Where did you get your belt?" the young Exeter girl asked Garson, drawing a round of laughter from the crowd.
Garson, who rode the horse Rhythmical in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, replied that she found the belt through a vendor at another horse show she attended.
The first day of the Jumper Classic, a top-level equestrian show on the grounds of the Silver Oak Equestrian Center, included a special meet-and-greet event with top riders, the jump course designer, organizers and a prominent sponsor, Miele, a manufacturer of heavy duty washing machines for horse gear. CLICK FOR FULL STORY

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